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Kitchen Lighting

Lighting design is critical

  When you walk into a luxury home many things will catch your eye.  From deep mahogany hardwood furnishings to high end custom kitchen cabinetry, you know luxury when you see it. Luxury Kitchens are enhanced with proper lighting. 

  The way that you lay out your lighting in a kitchen is critical to make a place in your home that can be used for multiple uses.  If you are like many families, you will spend much of your time in the kitchen area.  The kitchen becomes a place to do homework for the kids, a place for casual conversation over tea with friends, and a place for a romantic evening with your spouse.

So, the importance of lighting design in the kitchen is just as important as in your living room area.  Many types of lighting can be used in the kitchen to make the kitchen look more appealing

  These kitchen lighting ideas will transform a kitchen from drab to electrifying.  There are several categories of kitchen lighting that should be considered when designing a luxury kitchen.

  • Recessed ceiling lights- are simple and elegant.  The recessed ceiling lights can be arranged in just about any pattern...  Just be careful to distribute these ceiling lights evenly so that the whole kitchen receives equal lighting.

  • Non-recessed ceiling lights- are a less modern choice but can be elegant for traditional kitchens. Chandeliers are a popular choice for kitchens. Because they tend to dominate the open space, a    chandelier’s style sets the tone for a room’s décor more than any other lighting fixture.

  • Pendant Lights- hang in the kitchen above an island workspace, tables, and counter.  They add a major style element to the kitchen decor

  • Under Cabinet Lights- are now the norm for many kitchens.  The extra light makes working on the counters easier.  These lights also are great accent lights when no work is being done.

Luxury Lighting Brands We Work With

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