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Interior Designer

The Design/Build Process to Expect From us 

  For nearly 65 years, we have honed our design process for luxury homes. We take your dreams and turn them into a beautiful reality. Our design process allows you to be involved every step of the way to ensure you are thrilled with the final results.

  Take a closer look at the process steps below...  


Project Initiation Phase
(2 - 4 Weeks)

New Client Inquiry Form and

Initial Client Meeting

  The first part of the design process is filling out an inquiry form HERE. This form will entail the type of project you are interested in (New Build, Remodel, or Interior Design) and logistics such as square footage and budget. We will review your form and provide you with the project proposal.

  At the initial client meeting, we will take measurements of the spaces needed, evaluate the furnishings level, and take “before” photos of the existing home.

Proposal/Design Kickoff Meeting


  At the design kickoff meeting, we will discuss your lifestyle, style preferences, priorities, vision, and review inspiration photos.


We begin to converse with the client about their budget and the materials that can be used to maximize their unique goals with both durability and elegance in mind.

  We will use all the information we gather from the kickoff meeting to create a design that incorporates your unique vision and lifestyle.​


Design Development Phase
(4 - 8 Weeks)

Showroom Viewings/Material Selection

  During this step, we will also select quality materials (such as quartz for kitchen countertops, high-end flooring, and paint colors to elevate the design).

  Next, we will take you to view showrooms and select more materials for the design process. We will work with you to decide upon materials that you love and work in your price range.

Floor Plans, CAD Elevations, and Ceiling Plans

  During this phase, custom floor plans, CAD elevations, and ceiling plans will be carefully drawn.​ Room sizes and wall lengths are noted and used in the construction process.

3D Design Renderings

  We will present design renderings for the room/s for you to clearly envision the final product. These renderings are drawn to scale to create a realistic-looking model. All of the small details, including wall hangings, furniture, light fixtures, and more, are included in an interior design rendering.


 Project Management  & Construction Phase
(4 - 42 Weeks)

Project Manager Reviews Designs

  After you approve the Design, we will review the designs with the project manager to ensure they have a perfect understanding of the project. The project manager will see what changes you want to make to your home and how the design will fit into the process.

Plan Refining and Revisions


 They are getting engineering work evaluated for code compliance, meeting with the necessary trade experts (plumber, electrical, HVAC, mason, etc.) and ensuring all documents are ready in order to move forward with construction.

  During this phase, any revisions needed will be discussed. Whether it be because of something you have decided to change or if it something your Project Manager needs to change because of conflict in the design and layout.

Constuction & Site Visits

  Throughout the construction process, we will conduct site visits to check in on the home. This will ensure that construction is on track and that your needs and desires are being met. You can rest assured that we will keep the process running smoothly.

Image by Sidekix Media


Reveal and Walk-Through

  Finally! Time has come for the big reveal, whether it was your dream renovation or the new home built by us. You can start to enjoy the craftsmanship, design, and Luxury of a Sawyer Designer Home.

 If you went with our interior designing. You will do a final walk-through of your newly furnished home and see your dreams home come to life in style!


  We'll present you with your Certificate of Occupancy.


  We'll do a 2-year warranty on all work/materials that were installed. Anything that needs to be fixed/re-adjusted we'll do with no questions asked by us.

  • CAD elevations are computer-generated drawings of rooms as viewed from standing in the room itself.

  • Ceiling plan drawings will show the interior of your home viewed from above.

  • Floorplans are like the blueprints to your custom home. They are drawn to scale and designed to show the relationship between different rooms in the house.

When we collaborate on a renovation with you, we’ll be part of your daily life.

We have simplified the complex process of home renovation by putting our award-winning design and build services under one roof. We transform homes into beautiful, functional spaces that families love to spend time in.Below is a basic timeline of it would look like to work with us. Know that each project is unique and these are merely guideposts. 

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