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The Outdoor Area Is Your Oasis of the Home

  What could be better than coming home and stepping outside into an area that calms your soul and soothes your spirit? Learning how to style your outdoor area into a backyard oasis can make a real difference in the enjoyment you'll get from the space. There are dozens of ideas to recreate this area, ranging from lighting to seating, entertainment to flooring, and ground cover. How you like to spend your time outdoors will dictate which of these ideas most resonates with you.

The 6 Things to Consider
For Your Outdoor Oasis

  Outdoor Kitchens let you gather friends and family in your backyard and escape from the everyday. You may not go to the trouble of cooking in your outdoor kitchen if you're alone, but many models include wine refrigerators. A glass of wine poolside after a long day at the office could be just the ticket, even if you're solo.




  Your outdoor space is sacred and shouldn't be ruined by invasion of insidious insects. With just a push of a button that can happen to keep you and your loved ones safe from those pesky insects. 




  A plunge pool gives you the cooling, relaxing benefits of a traditional pool, but on a smaller scale. Like traditional pools, plunge pools can be outfitted with bells and whistles like lighting, built-in stairs, jets, and water features. They use the same filter equipment and can be saltwater or chlorinated.

Plungie Original plunge pool in Blue Lagoon at Springfield Lakes.jpg


  Firepits are lovely, but fireplaces give off a bolder vibe. Like kitchens and TVs, adding a fireplace is a great way to bring the inside out with you. While adding one is a bigger project than adding a firepit, these are customizable to be nearly any size, shape, and design. Many versions have the option of mounting your outdoor TV over them. What could make your backyard more of an oasis than creating the equivalent of a living room in your backyard area?



  Are an easy and classy way to upgrade your backyard. And they come in unlimited styles. You can add something simple to your backyard pool area or build a whole additional section just to accommodate this feature. As River Pools explains, firepits are as practical as they are beautiful because they can keep you toasty after climbing out of the pool on those less-than-scorching days.




  If it gets cold at night where you live, outdoor heaters can make the difference between coming in at night and staying outside. And like fireplaces, they can be a fantastic way to warm up after a swim. They are infinitely easier to install than most firepits and come in multiple styles and sizes.

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