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George Sawyer, Founder

Our Back Story

  The story of SAWYER Designer Homes begins almost a 100 years ago with a man named George Sawyer, whose father was a carpenter in a small town of North Carolina for over 40 years.


George, the youngest of 9 brothers and sisters, was born in 1929. Like many Southerners, his family was impoverished as a result of the Great Depression. They lived in a 2-bedroom home that the family had built with most of the family sleeping on the floor. 

Most of the family worked helping on the farm or with their father in constructionEven though George was the youngest, everyone had to do their part. He started working by the time he was only 8 years old.

  In 1940 George's father passed away, and to make things worse WWII had started. All of his brothers were enlisted in the Army, George was still too young. His sisters were either married or had passed away. So, it just him and his mother. He started working as a carpenter's helper, making about a .25 per day, and he gave that money to his mother every afternoon when he came home.

 By 1946 the war had ended, but none of Georges brothers had survived. This was hard on his mother, and she passed of grief. George was 17 years old; he had no family and no other place to go. So, he enlisted in the Army himself, saying he was 18.

 While in the Army, George worked hard and made E-6. By, 1950 a new war was in the making. George was shipped out to fight in the Korean War. While there he decided the Army was not his life career. Something else was his calling. George decided to start his own Home Renovation & Building company once he got back to the States. So, after 8 years of service, George returned home.


  At the end of the war, thousands upon thousands of returning veterans, both men and women, needed a place to live. Plus, many of those same solders needed work. George and his team were all Veterans who had served together, they were his family. Over the course of many decades, the company has stayed a family business. We won't say things were easy, but he stuck it out. 


  Now a 4th generation company. Many things have changed but His vision of a reputable, full-service building company has come to fruition. With client satisfaction being our number one focus, we have created a custom building & renovation company that is committed to using only superior materials, the finest craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service.

  George now in his 90's still enjoys inspecting the work and even doing some of it himself. So, if you see an older man come to the jobsite. It's just George making sure things are running smoothly.

Our Mission


  First and foremost, we would like to thank you and show our appreciation for engaging with our business.  People like you are responsible for making Us great! Sawyer Designer Homes was born out of the desire to help people make their dreams a reality. Many people purchase homes but fail to turn that piece of property into something that reflects their personality and beliefs.

  Sawyer Designer Homes wants to make each client feel as though their living area is an extension of themselves and their imagination.

  We believe that every client deserves to have the luxurious home of their dreams. Our award-winning techniques and strategies will blow your mind without breaking the bank. Combine this with the family-owned atmosphere, and you have a business that will shake up the industry in the years to come.


  Should you decide to use our renovation services, we can make a single promise to you: We will give our best effort, or we won’t take on the project.

  Simply put, we’re in the people business, not the business of making a quick dollar. It’s for this reason why our family-owned, customer-first renovation business has flourished over the years. We have a deep belief that each customer is helping us achieve our next goal, and we can help them achieve theirs as well!

We Thrive In Three Different Areas


  Sawyer Designer Homes offers competitive pricing in its Quality service. We are always upfront about what needs to occur to exceed expectations. At the end of the day, quality workmanship comes before anything.


We are 100% transparent in regards to costings in our quotes and invoicing. Costs only change if and when a client elects to change some details where there is still a last-minute choice to do so.


As a business, Sawyer Designer Homes has a bond in and out of the company. The following are established:

  • Clients: Our team aspires to form a strong, lasting relationship with the clients of the company.

  • Industry Partners: Strong connections are built with numerous companies all over the states, including venders & suppliers.  As well as our Sub-contractors here in North Carolina.

  • Staff: The company views the staff as an integral part of the business. The firm believes that connection is essential, which is why it is essential to make everyone feel they are a part of a working family. It’s the company goal to help them feel empowered and that they have a voice in the company. The company intends to always to be professional in their approach while remaining humble.

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