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Modern Kitchen

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

The kitchen is the most used area in the home. We gather here, cook here, even talk about our dreams here … It's a place where cherished stories and secret family recipes are handed down through generations. The kitchen is a warm space where families bond amid the aroma of those dinners that you and your family prepared together.

Our custom kitchen designs help create that space for you to enjoy with friends and family all year long.

The 6 Most Important Things to Consider
For Your Kitchen Renovations












Traditional kitchens seek to bring it back to the basics. Yet don't confuse basic with boring. This kitchen design style foremost emphasizes the natural beauty of quality cabinetry, countertops and decorations, using them to curate a room that's comfortable, warm, inviting and ultra-functional for real folks.  

Traditional kitchen hallmarks include:

  • White, black, brown and gray color schemes: Neutral walls and backsplashes create a flexible color template that harmonizes the entire kitchen's appearance without being too "loud."  

  • Natural woods cabinets with embellishments: Warm woods like walnut, cherry, birch and alder work great in the traditional-style kitchen, brought to life by cabinetry detailing such as raised panels, cabinet molding, and even decorative corbels and appliqués. 

  • Masonry countertops: Quartz, granite and marble countertops are the kings and queens of a traditionally styled kitchen, revered for their durability and their luxurious, timeless look. 

  • Simple, linear lines: Overall, a traditional kitchen aesthetic will use linear millwork and molding to elongate and accentuate cabinetry, islands and other kitchen staples, making them the focal points of the room. 

  • Tile backsplashes: Cream, khaki, white, gray or neutral tiles in ceramic or masonry patterns embellish kitchen walls, particularly in areas behind the stove and sink.  


Farmhouse living denotes a simpler, quieter time. Kitchens modeled in this style reflect homey charms, rustic details and a lived-in, comfortable aesthetic that'll have you rushing to the long-planked, oversized table to share a Sunday roast.

Trading cookie-cutter conventionality for a mix-and-match, quaint look, you'll note these core design elements in a true farmhouse-style kitchen: 

  • Neutral color palettes with bright pops: Think primary colors like yellows, reds and navy blues backdropped against creamy whites, tans and soft eggshell walls and cabinets. These brighter colors work great across decorative jars, towels and curtains, while the soft neutrals keep things cozy.  

  • Freestanding cabinets and pantries: Freestanding cabinetry include wooden pantries, weathered China cabinets and even converted wardrobes turned into unique kitchen storage — no need to coordinate too much here since farmhouse kitchen style ideas always embrace the eclectic.  

  • Knotty, natural woods: Natural-wood countertops enhance the salt-of-the-earth aesthetics of this kitchen style, with hardwood chairs and tables enhancing the overall look. Pine, cherry, oak, maple and similar classic American hardwoods work great here. 

  • Range cooker: Nothing says home cooking like a full range cooker installed in your farmhouse kitchen design.  

  • Plaid and gingham prints: These quintessential, down-home fabrics can be found in tablecloths, placemats, curtains, towels and decorative linens lining the kitchen. 

  • Natural decorations: Awaken your kitchen's inner pastoral with jars of wildflowers, windowsill herb gardens and similar garden-picked decorations. 

  • Neutral hardware: Go for matte blacks, grays or white cabinetry hardware that let the eyes focus on your statement farmhouse furniture and pastoral decorations. 


Contemporary kitchen styles are a broad yet massively popular kitchen trend — once encompassing several unique fixtures.

You'll find the modern kitchen's signature showcasing man-made materials, open floor plans, clean horizontal lines and a streamlined, even sultry overall appearance. What modern and contemporary home design aesthetics may lack in the whimsical they make up with the cool and sleek, seen in:   

  • White or black cabinets: A modern kitchen's clean appearance features monochromatic color schemes with simple white and black cabinetry, often in the unembellished slab-style cabinet doors. 

  • Artificial materials: Contemporary homes will often celebrate artificial or man-made materials across cabinets, cupboards, countertops, hardware and furniture. Ultra-reflective surfaces across materials like stainless steel, glass, concrete, slate and plastic create that of-the-moment, sleek finish.  

  • Chrome hardware: Mixed chrome cabinet knobs, hinges, handles, drawer pulls, slides, catches and latches are especially trendy with contemporary designs, lending a cutting-edge cabinetry touch.  

  • Floating shelves: Floating or exposed shelves trade classic, enclosed cabinets for the clean, horizontal lines so favored in this design style. 

  • Smart appliances: Responsive refrigerators, self-monitoring stovetops, remote-adjusting ovens and more make the contemporary kitchen feel like a futuristic kitchen, typically stationed in that open-concept overall layout. 

  • Mid-century modern furniture and light fixtures: Though from a bygone era, mid-century modern's clean lines, simple color palettes and sleek, minimalistic builds are the perfect addition to a contemporary kitchen and dining space. 


Not too modern, not too classic. It’s the perfect balance for those who want to keep it current without making a big statement. Characterized by soft, rounded contours, transitional design blends features of modern and traditional styles.

Commercial Style

For the pro chefs out there, a commercial faucet can complement your chopping, braising, deglazing, and searing skills at the sink. It’s a subcategory of modern design, so it will work perfectly in a sleek kitchen as well.

We Do The Highest Quality Kitchen Renovations in Raleigh

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