Our Back Story

  The story of SAWYER Designer Homes begins almost a 100 years ago with a man named George Sawyer, whose father was the town carpenter in a small town for over 40 years. George, the youngest of 9 brothers and sisters, was born in 1929. Like many Southerners, his family was impoverished as a result of the Great Depression. They lived in a 2-bedroom home that the family had built with most of the family sleeping on the floor. George's father passed away by the time he had turned 9 years old, and his oldest brothers enlisted in the Army to help the family survive. All but one brother was killed in World War II. George had learned to work hard and live meagerly because of this. George received only a few years of education in a one-room schoolhouse and worked as a carpenter's helper making about 25 cents per day. He gave that money to his mother every afternoon when he came home. By the time he was 17 years old, his mother had passed away as well, so he joined the Army himself. While in the army, George decided to start a Home Renovation/Building company just as his father, and father before him. He figured with all the knowledge he had learned from his family and working as a carpenter himself how could he not become successful. We won't say things were easy for him, but he stuck it out. Since then, the company has stayed in family. 

   Over the course of many decades, George Sawyer’s vision of a reputable, full-service building company has come to fruition. With client satisfaction being our number one focus, we have created a custom building/renovation company that is committed to using only superior materials, the finest craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service.